my life is fake

ok, seriously. is my life fake?

i headed to my new roomies house tonight because i thought we were having girls night. opened the door and 30 of my closest friends were there to surprise me for my birthday!

no. idea. that. was. happening.

i feel overwhelmed. extremely happy. i've only lived here 1.5 yrs and i know people well enough that they would want to throw me a SURPRISE birthday party. incredible.

i'm determined my life is fake. i have the most ridiculous awesome job in the entire world. my mom drives to dallas to be at my surprise party. i have friends that love me well, ones in dallas and around the entire country. i'm healthy. the list could go on and on.

all that to say i'm spoiled rotten. i've already had the most incredible birthday and it hasn't even begun.

thank you Lord for these past 48 hrs. they have been a true gift. i do not know what tomorrow holds, but i will remember Your goodness always. Your love makes it worth it all!


Margie said...

i love the solo happy birthday first! how fun! hope you're having a great b'day!

Virginie M. said...

You are loved. :-)