Last night some friends and I got to talking about l-o-v-e. Relationships, fears, dating, etc. etc.

It got my head spinning last night, so much so that I didn't fall asleep until 1:00am. I was thinking about my past relationships, what I learned from them, why they didn't work out, the fears that I carry into relationships because of the hurt has been caused in the past.... one thing I do know: I've learned A LOT and still have a lot to learn.

I love when God does this: He awakened me this morning to talk to me about... love. His love. His high, wide, deep and long love for me. And for you.

Just a few things that I'm pondering today

1. It is better to love than not have loved at all... true? false?
What if God didn't chose to love us? What if he didn't decide to give us his reckless, hopeless, abandon love? I'd say this is a pretty valid statement.

"Love is the great equalizer in the Kingdom.. no one has an advantage over another in giving and receiving love." - Bob Sorge

2. Give love and receive love today

3. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.

Because I haven't experienced crazy love here in earth physically, I think there is something so profound about letting God show me how deep and high and wide and long is His love for me today. I can't love others well if I don't know how high and wide and deep and long His love is.

I want to be someone who loves people recklessly, and not only that, but more importantly, I want to KNOW His love.. I mean really know His love for me.

I put up walls with loving people. Because I put my heart out there and because ____ isn't going to give me anything back, I don't want to love _____ well. God I can't pray for ____, I can't honor _____, because it's not fair and it's not safe for my heart. But if I'm only willing to love to the extent that I am loved back, then I have it all wrong, and I'm in trouble. You know?

So what would it look like if we let God SHOW us His high and wide and deep and long love today? And loved people out of the place?

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