French Press

So, I'm starting to do some research because I want to buy a french press. I honestly do not know the first thing about french presses, what the best kinds are, what the best deal is, how do use them, etc. but I'm realizing that because I'm the only one in my house, I don't need to use my big coffee pot to make coffee in the mornings. My boss used to drink coffee when he comes in to the office (aka my house), but he's not really drinking it anymore, so it's just lonely ole' me.

So, my question for you is, do you have a french press? What are the best kinds? What do you think I should buy?

Any suggestions!??!


bethgillem said...

i know someone that would love to help you out and get you some blueberry coffee too..

Margie said...

i have something for you!

Mary Margaret said...

I heart my Bodum Chamboard French press that I got for my birthday! It will change your life!

Clayton Austin said...

We got ours at starbucks. Loves it!
Oh, and for the record my word verification was "cytiompe" Is that even a real word??

Anna Hartzog said...


Kent got this one for Christmas. It may not be the best quality, but it's really good - and it's awesome because it's a mug and it has storage for extra grinds so you can make another cup on the go!!

Linnae said...

sweet! thanks for the suggestions guys