The Union

(not a good picture. but left to right: Michelle, Sara, and me)

This weekend I got to hang out with a few friends I've made since I started working at Going Beyond. We've formed what we like to call…. The Union. We all have similar jobs (assistants to speakers) and it is SO much fun to hang out with them.

We were actually supposed to be in Jackson Hole, but due to some complications, they ended up coming to Fort Worth. We were missing one person, but we are hoping to go to Jackson Hole sometime in the Spring when we can all go.

I drove to Fort Worth and met the girls friday night. We had some good barb-b-que, went to the rodeo, and then Billy Bobs. Let me just tell you - I've never experienced anything quite like the rodeo and Billy Bobs before. All my sterotypes of Texas were confirmed Friday night. Quality people watching, and so fun.

Saturday we relaxed and hung out at Barnes and Noble, and then had an AMAZING dinner at Reata downtown on the rooftop. It was perfect.

My favorite part of the weekend: getting to encourage each other in our jobs and our walks with the Lord. I'm so grateful that the Lord has provided me with these friendships, and I look forward to getting to know these girls better over the years.

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