oh it's been so good to be here. i was thinking yesterday how it just does my heart good to get a little dose of nashville back in me. i feel so peaceful every time i'm here. i got here on wednesday night and my time here started with the perfect dinner - calypso - with some of my favorite people. that lucayan salad is so stinkin good. and the muffins. . . don't even get me started.

then some people came over to sarahs to hang out and watch the CMA awards. did you see them? it was the TSwift show. good for her. more power to ya girl.

thursday was so fantastic. slept in… until 8:00am. woohoo. spend the morning at Frothy Monkey with Mason, which is, of course, one of the best coffees in Nashville. topped off the rest of my salad from Calypso and then Mason and I hit the streets of nashy for a run. then came the hair cut - and the most perfect night ever: dinner with ssvirginia at PM and GILMORE GIRLS. yes, that is the perfect night, in case you were wondering. veggie burger from PM and gilmore girls is all you need on a thursday night. sarah - you might need to bring that with you when you come visit next week.

this morning was so great - priscilla spoke at the Lifeway Womens Leadership Forum - wow! so good. and now i'm waiting to hit the road to head to Memphis/Oxford. GO REBELS! it's going to be another one of those week/weekends that are perfect.

more to come about nashville and this weekend. i have much to say about these two things.

have a great weekend!

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