This weekend was so much fun! My mom flew in to Dallas Friday night and we went straight to Waco to visit my brother and his fam. It seems like every time I go it's never long enough, but that's just because we have so much fun together. My little niece is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. She is so funny - the most passionate 2 year old I have ever met.

Mom and I came back to Dallas around 5:00 Saturday evening and went straight to Northpark mall of course. That's pretty much what we do here in Dallas - shop and eat. We just about closed the mall down and grabbed a late dinner at Central Market. I'm going to be bold and say that I almost like it better than Whole Foods. If you come visit me in Dallas - I'll take you there.

Sunday turned out to be a busy day. I got to take mom to my church which was so fun for me! I'm really so thankful for my church here. Absolutely incredible. Then we had AMAZING brunch at Taverna and hung out before I had to take her to the airport. That is a whole different story. There ended up being a bomb threat at the airport, and they closed it down for a while, which caused my mom to miss her flight. BUT the good news is that she got to stay another night and left early this AM.

I secretly pray that God will bring the rest of my family to Texas. Half of us are in Memphis and half are in Texas, and then my other sister is in Colorado. One day, we will all live much closer to each other. I'm confident of that.

I wish every weekend could be a family weekend. Don't have enough of those these days. We are actually all headed to Lake Michigan next week (on my birthday) and will be there for Fourth of July. So fun!

Next weekend: Austin, TX for Going Beyond! It seems like forever since we've had one of our events. Cannot WAIT to be in Austin! It's going to be amazing.


Sarah said...

first of all, i'm jealous you are going to be in Austin; secondly, your Lake weekends...one day i'm so coming with you - i said it, i'm inviting myself. And brunch...Linnae, when i come visit, we should brunch everyday. Seriously. Brunch, Talk about Leviticus, because we will probably still be reading it...or i will; drink coffee and well, drink more coffee. it will be INCREDIBLY FUN. And yes, there will be dancing.

Luci said...

we love our time with ninny-muggins!!!!! it's the best! xoxo