My car... his name is Gabe... he's giving me grief right now. Theres a big piece at the front of my car on the bottom that keeps falling off and scraping across the ground when I drive. Not good, I know. I keep having to pull over and "hook" it back on to my car in hopes that it will stay and not fall off again. I pull over, get out of my car, get on the ground and fix it back to how it was, get black ALL over my hands, get completely gross and sweaty because it's 1 million degrees outside.. and start driving again.

BUT, every time I hit a bump, that sucker keeps coming off. Probably would be a good thing to take it in somewhere so that I can get it glued back on or whatever the heck needs to happen =) Can you tell I know nothing about cars? I guess I better go to Honda in the morning to get it fixed before I pick my mom up from the airport and we drive to Waco tomorrow night.

So as we speak, I'm avoiding getting it fixed. I'm sitting here at the coffeeshop knowing that when I leave here I'm going to have to affix this huge piece of something back onto my car before I drive home tonight. ohhhhhhh welll. That's what happens to old cars I guess.

Poor Gabe......

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