I finally made it home yesterday morning after a delayed flight Sunday night. I had such an amazing and refreshing vacation! You already heard about my trip to Nashville, and Memphis was so great as well being with my sisters and mom and niece (and brother-in-law...poor guy) =)

What is crazy is that I have been gone for the last 4 weekends, and we have another event this weekend called Shine Conference at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL. Check out their websites if you aren't familiar with them. I am so looking forward to this weekend. These people seem genuine, energetic, and I can tell they do such an amazing job with these events.

After this weekend, I have the next two weekends off! This will be the first time I will be in Dallas for two weekends in a row! How insane is that? Because I have been gone so much lately, I am really praying and trying to focus on where I can invest my time this summer. I am ready to have some commitment for the week days so that I can make sure that I am being fed and being able to give and serve.

Goals for the next two weekends:
  • Clean! and Organize!
  • Rest
  • Read a book, or two
  • And I get to see Martha and maybe even Margie!
What about you? Doing anything exciting this weekend?

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