Amazing Weekend

I can't even begin to describe how great this weekend was.. but I will try =)

I feel as though I left a piece of me back in Jacksonville with all of those who were at the Shine Conference. Never before have I seen people serve like they do. From the minute we stepped off the plane to the minute we got back on the plane, the people of Celebration Church blew me away. There's just something about these people that are so magnetic. They do everything with excellency.... they love the Lord with excellency, they put together a conference with excellency, they worship with excellency, and they SERVE with excellency. If you are familiar with the book Servolution, then these people are what the book talks about.

We got to hear from Holly Wagner of Oasis church Thursday night with a Shane and Shane concert later that night, Kerri Weems Friday morning followed by Priscilla. Priscilla spoke again Friday evening and there was a huge after party. Then Saturday morning we got to hear from Vera Kasevich and Holly once more. Such an amazing group of people! All of these women are so great and have such unique and different stories. It's so neat how God brings together women from all around the world to share and fellowship with each other. It was neat being able to meet Shane and Shane and Joey as well and get to talk with them for a little bit. Poor guys were surrounded by women all weeekend! If you are around the area or feel like taking a trip next year to Jacksonville, you should definitely go!

My prayer after leaving this conference is that I will become like these people; I want to be known as a generous person and a servant. I'm so grateful for the opportunity this weekend to be with Shine. Looking forward to the many more events we have left for the year!

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