It was such a great weekend hanging out with my siblings and nieces. I could hang out with them over and over again and it would never get old. We are all spread apart on the map so it's so fun when we can hang out. I'm really thankful for my family for many different reason.. but we are very blessed to all be so close and such great friends. We had some amazing food at Breadwinners and La Cubanita (I recommend both of those places if you are ever in Dallas ), I made a pretty darn good meal for us Saturday night, props to Britney Grayson for her amazing "Chickan" recipe, and we just hung out and shopped. Sara and JJ - we missed you much!

Here's a pic of the fam. It's from a while back 'cause it's hard to get us all together at one time, but it will have to do.

What about you... are you close with your fam?


Martha said...

I just love the Hoppes. At first when I saw that picture, I didn't read the caption and I was like, what? You're hair is already long again?

Then I read the caption. Love you and can't wait to see you in a 2 weekends!

Sara Jean said...

I love you Ninny. Miss you so much