Crazy Love

I'm reading Francis Chan's Crazy Love Book , and I have to tell you that God is using this book to rock my world a little bit. These last few chapters have just really stirred up a lot in me, about my life and how I'm living... really how much I am committed to living my life for Jesus Christ.

I read through chapter 9 this morning, as Francis gives some examples of different people who were totally obsessed with living for Christ and how they are going about that lifestyle.

I don't really know how to communicate my thoughts from my time in the word and prayer this morning. I am so completely desperate for Jesus. I mean, there was this man... who came to the earth thousands of years ago.. who we still know and talk about TODAY because of His love and passion and lifestyle.. who died for me.. so that I can have this Crazy Love relationship with Him and have it eternally... forever and ever and ever.... John 1:27 says "He is the One who comes after me." How can I respond to such a thing? HE comes after ME. HE comes after YOU.

Chapter 9 gives example after example of people who made themselves less so that others could have more. It talks about people who had tons of resources and time and gave it to those who didn't have resources or time. They were sick, poor, homeless, dying.. and they were given the opportunity to know this Crazy Love because someone became selfless to serve the less fortunate.

Read this passage . Pray about it. Dwell on it. See if God wants to say anything to you about it.

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